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About Berres Ridge

If you’re thinking of building a new home, and you like the idea of building in Lakeville – then take a look at the Berres Ridge neighborhood located off of county road 50 between Cedar Avenue and Holyoke. Berres Ridge is a spectacular development that’s been built on the Berres family farm. Berres Ridge is one of the hottest new construction neighborhoods in Lakeville, and we’d argue it’s one of the best places to live in the entire state!

There are few neighborhoods that match Berres Ridge in terms of style points. This neighborhood isn’t among the flat developments you might be used to seeing. Instead, it features stunning hills, valleys, and an overall incredible topography. When you’re in this neighborhood, you won’t feel like you’re in a typical suburban new construction development. Instead, you’ll be inspired by a diverse landscape filled with beautiful new homes and a classic Minnesota setting.

Pietsch Builders isn’t your everyday home builder. We’re a custom home builder. What that means is that we don’t have “standard” options. Years in the industry have taught us a thing or two about choosing reliable options for your home, but when you work with us, you’re not stuck with any of the features that our last buyer had. Instead, we’ll help you to build your home in a way that’s uniquely you. You might have some ideas that you haven’t been able to share with any other home builder, or you might just want to pick one of our floor plans and go with it – either way, we’re happy to help you customize your own home to your liking!

Important Homebuying Information for Lakeville

As of the time that we’re writing this, Zillow has a wide variety of lots for sale in Lakeville, MN. More affordable lots are listed from $39,900 to about $150,000. Lots range from that price all the way to $1,000,000+. As a desirable neighborhood, land in Berres Ridge is very valuable – though certainly not completely unaffordable!

As of April 24th, 2018, Trulia is regarding the median listing price in Lakeville as $353,000. Home values are creeping up in Lakeville and have risen about 1% since this time last year. In a city that’s running low on land but not demand, it’s reasonable to assume that there’s a high possibility for continued appreciation as we move towards 2019 and 2020.

Downtown Lakeville + Pan-o-Prog

Berres Ridge is located right next to Aronson Park and is only blocks from Historic Downtown Lakeville, which has numerous walking paths, ball diamonds, playgrounds, and room to play for you or your family. Downtown Lakeville is known for it’s Pan-o-Prog festivities around the 4th of July.

In fact, the Pan-o-Prog and 4th of July events are legendary for being well-executed, high-class, and fun for the whole family.  Summers near the downtown area can have an extra special flare to them, and Berres Ridge is close enough to enjoy the festivities, but far enough away that they won’t be a nuisance.

Pan-o-Prog includes a week long set of events, and the main attraction has got to be Cruise Night.  During Cruise Night, the downtown portion of Holyoke is shut down for a number of hours so that classic and unique cars are able to show off their stuff in a parade-like fashion.

Lakeville residents adore Cruise Night and the entire Pan-o-Prog week.

Trust us when we say that Berres Ridge is positioned perfectly to enjoy the festivities with none of the downside that large crowds can provide.

Aronson Park Across the Street + Other Parks Nearby

Having a major park located close to your home neighborhood is great for walks and play. One of the advantages of living in the suburbs is that the lots are a bit more open and there’s more sprawling land than an urban environment provides. In addition to that, Aronson Park is just a quick 5 minute walk across the road from Berres Ridge – and it’s the type of park you can build a lifetime of memories at!

At Aronson Park, there are ball diamonds, soccer fields, picnic areas, and a playground that’s appropriate for many ages.  Not only that, but Lakeville parks are known for their overall safety, cleanliness and upkeep.

Bring your dog for a walk to the giant fields, watch your kids ride their bikes, grab a frisbee, fly a kite, practice baseball with your daughter, bring a picnic, or just lay out in the cool grass under the stars to drink in the fleeting season of drawn out summer sunsets.

Having a park down the street is awesome.

Aronson Park has been upgraded multiple times in the last decade, and it sports a playground that’s friendly for both adults and children, and it’s also connected to a vast network of walking paths into downtown Lakeville.

Walking paths are desirable these days.  Not only is Berres Ridge right across the street from the Aronson Park with picnic areas, a playground, baseball diamonds and plenty of room to run, but the neighborhood is built on a ridge with moderate incline and interesting grades.

The topography of Berres Ridge isn’t overly steep, but it’s an attractive area to live with occasional outlooks and vistas, depending on where in the neighborhood you’re looking from.

Berres Ridge is also near the Lakeville Library and License Center and just a bike-ride away from Lake Marion beach and park – which is an amazing location to spend the warm days of summer.

Lakeville Schools 

Berres Ridge is located in Lakeville School district 194.

How are Lakeville Schools rated?

Well, both the high schools were named by Newsweek as being in the top 500 High Schools in America! Check out the full write up here:

Lakeville’s School district is a major reason why Lakeville has become one of the most desirable suburbs in the State of Minnesota, and Berres Ridge is one of the top neighborhoods within the city.

Berres Ridge isn’t far from all 3 middle schools and both high schools. Living in Berres Ridge means you’ll be close to every school.

Not only are the schools great, but the Berres Ridge neighborhood and development is located very close to both the Lakeville North and Lakeville South High School – and is also near the top-rated private schools such as Christian Heritage Academy for elementary students.

You’ll be able to get your kids to school and sporting events easily from this neighborhood.


The Berres Ridge development is great because it’s located in one of the best locations in Lakeville. To the east is the major corridor to Cedar Avenue, providing quick access to Apple Valley’s numerous commercial restaurants, shopping, and commerce. Cedar Avenue can bring drivers to the 35E interchange for access to St. Paul, and after a long haul over the Minnesota River, it leads directly to downtown Minneapolis. Cedar Avenue, even this far south, allows quick access. There’s a major commuter station and bus system located in Apple Valley that can provide easy bus commutes to Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Berres Ridge is also located only about 7 minutes east from 35W, which provides major commuting options.

Lifetime Fitness

Berres Ridge is also close to one of the most preeminent fitness and health clubs in the country – Lakeville Lifetime Fitness.

Lifetime Fitness is a full service spa, indoor and outdoor aquatic center, child care, summer camps for kids, martial arts practive facility, a tennis facility, and a great place to play basketball. Best of all, it’s open 24 hours a day.

Lifetime Fitness is a magnificent value add for the Lakeville community, and it’s worth noting that Berres Ridge isn’t far from the nationally ranked fitness center.

Seriously, not only is Lifetime Fitness one of the highest rated health clubs in the country, but the Lakeville location is a premiere location, with top-of-the-line amenities.

Sure, people drive from all over to workout at Lifetime in Lakeville, but Berres Ridge residents will be just 4 minutes (driving) from this spectacular facility.